My fourth shot for assignment four – “light” – and second using light to illustrate shape.

Shape – Broken

Broken – ISO 100, 1/200s, f/11 – Click to see large on Flickr

Shot on manual and hand-held.  I adjusted the contrast and sharpness in Lightroom.  Wireless triggers were used for an off-camera flash gun, which was diffused through paper.  An envelope served as a gobo so most of the light from the flash hit the intact bottle, to create a strong reflection of it.  This is what the setup looked like:


Indoor shot setup

My aim here was to illustrate the different qualities of the bottle’s shape.  The reflections are distorted because of the curves of the glass – and this varies from the very slight curve in the broken bottom of the bottle, to the stronger curves on the main boddy.  The reflection also illustrates, in part, the origins of the shapes – itself visually distorted just as the broken bottle has been physically distorted.

My first attempt of this shot was outdoors.  If figured the diffused light on a bright-but-cloudy day might create good reflections for the idea.  In reality it had the opposite effect and simply made for a messy, cluttered, image, as illustrated below:

Too bright and ‘cluttered’