On Saturday a friend of mine – Luci – took part in the Olympic Torch Relay for the London 2012 Olympics.  She was nominated by her boyfriend, Paul, and was chosen to take part as the torch made it’s way through Rochdale – conveniently passing the pub we go to after work on Fridays (the Success to the Plough).

A host of family and friends all turned out to support Luci, and I took my camera along.  I have no real interest in the Olympics, but I have to say the relay has been a good way to get the whole country ‘involved’ at some level.  It was great seeing so much support out and in the pub afterwards a lot of people were excited to get a picture of them with the torch and torch bearer.  I’m amazed Luci managed to carry on smiling through the seemingly-endless requests for photos!

Anyway, here are some pictures from the day.  These and a few more can also be seen over on my Flickr account.

Kate and Finch hold up a banner for Luci

Luci with the torch, when she spots the banner

The flame being passed on for transport to Heywood.

A member of the public takes the opportunity to be photographed with the torch

The torch!

The Rochdale group in the pub