We all had a late start on Thursday morning after a late night and drinks the night before. At around 11am we set off to the Gondola station, to do a short run or two before lunch.

We started with the run down to El Tarter and I just wasn’t “feeling it”. I fell a couple of times onto my bruised hip and became quite frustrated. At one point I walk down a section of the slope because I was so fed up. I ddi warm up a bit though and was making a reasonable effort by the time we stopped for lunch.

After lunch we headed to the top of Soldeu before making our way to where Lesley and I would meet our instructors for lessons.

I struggled a bit more on my lesson until Instructor-Lesley told me my stance was spot-on – I was just over-turning which resulted in me going back up the hill too much. After that was pointed out I immediately improved and started enjoying the run down. This was short lived, however.

We were told to let the skis run down a long but fairly flat length towards a ski lift. I did this and picked up quite a bit of speed. As I thought “it’d hurt now if I fell” my right ski caught in the snow and I went barrelling over (one situation where ‘doing a barrel roll’ doesn’t help) bashing and twisting my knee as I went. I got up and the knee hurt, but I could stand on it so I put the skis back on and made my way to the ski lift. We did some short exercises on a short run then stopped for a break. My knee had swollen by the time the break was over and I figured it wouldn’t be a good idea to continue with the remaining 45 minutes of the lesson. Instructor-Lesley offered to get me a lift on a skidoo back to Soldeu but I didn’t think that was necessary. Instead I took the Gondola down to El Tarter and then a bus to Soldeu.

I got back and had a shower before heading to the pharmacy for Ibuprofen and a knee brace.

My knee brace

I then met everybody in the Iceberg bar again.

Chris in the Iceberg bar

Lesley and Carl in the Iceberg bar


I was pretty certain by this time I wouldn’t be skiing again this trip – there just wasn’t enough movement in my knee.

My swollen knee

We ate at the apartment – chicken Fajitas this time – then watched the Big Lebowski before bed.