My second image posted for assignment 3 – “colour” and the second from Manchester’s Chinese New Year celebrations.  This is the first shot for ‘colour harmony through similar colours’.

Red Balloons and Wall

ISO400, f/5.6, 1/250s

I honestly can’t recall if this was shot on manual or on aperture priority – I had been switching between the two at this point.  Post-processed to increase the saturation of the orange, sharpened and I’ve also increased black levels which has helped improve the clarity and intensity of the colours.

The colour harmony here is between the orange bricks and the bright red balloons.  I don’t think there’s an especially strong interplay between the red and orange, because they are so near to one-another colour-wise.  The yellow bricks and pink tips of the balloons and another layer to the harmony too.

In addition to the colour harmony there is also an element of contrast here – between the smooth, rounded shapes of the balloons and the sharp lines of the brick-work.  These sharp lines are enhanced by the mixture of coloured bricks and that they split into two separate ‘streams’.

Balance and Movement


I’ve covered how the colours balance off each other above.  In terms of movement, there’s a “wave’ in the brickwork – but most of the movement is from the balloons apparently straining to radiate outwards from the centre of the bunch of balloons.