So, ahead of going in to Manchester for the Chinese New Year celebrations I’ve been doing some additional planning of more specific photo ideas.

Prior to writing this post I jotted some ideas and sketched them out in a little notepad I carry with my camera.

Idea Notepad

I’ve looked at the specific types of ‘colour’ shots I need and also written down some general ideas, concepts and props to look out for, having read-around on Chinese New Year traditions (on Wikipedia, primarily).  I need four shots for each heading below – so I still need more specific ideas – but here’s what I’ve come up with so-far.  Hopefully I’ll get more inspiration once I’m there!

Colour harmony through complimentary colours (facing colours on the colour circle)

(Green/Red, Blue/Orange, Violet/Yellow)

  • Jade Emperor on a red background (a still-life arrangement)
  • A close-up of the dragon in the dragon parade – focussing on an appropriate colour combination (a ‘found’ shot)
  • The pole which is in front of the dragon – it includes red and green sides (a ‘found’ shot)
  • A green roof in China town, on top of it’s red supporting frame (found), or set against the red dragon of flowers they usually have in China town (a ‘found’ shot)
  • Red balloons and green foliage in China town.

 Colour harmony through similar colours (next to each other on the colour circle)

(Green/Yellow, Yellow/Orange, Orange/Red, Red/Violet, Violet/Blue, Blue/Green)

  • Dragon parade leader with security (a ‘found’ shot)
  • Red envelope with £10 notes poking out of it (a still-life arrangement)

Colour contrast (colours around a third of the way around the colour circle)

(Green/Orange, Yellow/Red, Orange/Violet, Red/Blue, Violet/Green, Blue/Yellow)

  • A row of Chinese lanterns against a blue sky (a ‘found’ shot)
  • Mandarin orange in violet or yellow water, using food-colourings (a still-life arrangement)

Colour accent – a small area of colour sits against a much larger background of another colour

  • A single lantern against the sky (on a line or floating – could be ‘found’ or still-life)
  • A full moon, with a colour filter to change the colour of the moon.  This would need to be taken between February 6 and February 10 – which is when the moon will be at it’s fullest.
  • A lantern or other colourful object against the snow or against grass (a still-life arrangement)
  • Dancers or show.

Things to keep in mind

These are other things I’m going to look out for in terms of potential ideas, or buying props to create still-life arrangements.

  • Yellow King
  • Jade Emperor
  • General Guan Yu
  • Lanterns, candles
  • Dancers in different colours
  • Elders
  • God of Wealth and ‘lucky money’
  • Rice, dumplings, Chinese food in general
  • China pottery – (blue and white)

I’m not expecting to get all of the shots I need for this assignment tomorrow, but if I get all the ‘found’ shots, and perhaps some additional ones I’ll be happy.  Hopefully I can pick up appropriate props too – though I could always order things later if I don’t find them – or the crowds are a bit too much to deal with!