I was recently in the pub and one of my workmates turned up with his shiney new DSLR. He was taking some photos and we got talking about some of the sites I frequent and have found useful since I bought my Canon EOS 400D and began learning more about photography. After sending an e-mail with some links I figured it might be useful to post the details up here too.

So, here’s my list of sites I’ve found useful since getting my camera:

Digital Photo School
Awesome Blog with regular tips, and a forum of amateurs and enthusiasts. They have weekly/fortnightly ‘assignments’ with a winner voted on – they also have little photo games (e.g. scavenger hunt where you have to post a photo of an item requested by the previous poster – then you state what you want somebody else to find). It’s a great place to read about the basics as well as more advanced techniques – and the Forum helps motivate you to take photos that perhaps you might not have otherwise created the opportunity to do.

Photo hosting site for sharing your photos with the world – with a social-networking element (groups and ‘contacts’). The free account lets you upload 100MB of pictures a month (so if you’re shooting in RAW or high quality JPG worth shrinking the images to upload more – it’s suprising how quickly you use 100MB up). It costs something like £25 a year for unlimited – which I’ve paid for. Me on Flickr

A link to links on ThePhotoForum.com
Some very good links to a number of articles and sites at a variety of levels – I’ve been to several of the sites mentioned which I’ve found useful.

Camera Adjustments
Handy guide to the importance of exposure and white balance.

I’ve just discovered this one while looking for reviews of flashes to add to my 400D. All about off-camera lighting and the funky things you can do. Some very nice pictures (and explanations of how they were taken). So when you get an external flash you may find inspiration here. Strobist Group on Flickr

Wired Photocalc for iPhone/iPod Touch Review
This is a review of a cheap App for the iPhone and iPod touch that includes some calculators for exposure and flash settings, along with some beginners tips, etc.

Turn a TI Graphing Calculator into a photo timer
Not something I’ve find useful, but an interesting read all the same. There’s a YouTube video part-way down that shows the results.

If you’ve got some bookmarks to useful or interesting sites for somebody beginning in photography please post them in the Comments below!